neodisher N - Neutralizer Based on phosphoric acid

Nullam euismod commodo

• Rinses off alkaline cleaners residues
• Removes and prevents the deposition of lime,
• Discoloration &corrosion due to unsatisfactory water qualities
• Suitable for all usual items made of glass, ceramic
• Material, Stainless steel & acid-resistant plastics,
• Chromium-and nickel-plated parts as well as anodized aluminum.

  Ingredients according to Regulation 93/42/EC on detergents: inorganic phosphorus
  (from phosphoric acid)

neodisher Z - Neutralizer free from phosphates and surfactant

Nullam euismod commodo

• Rinses off alkaline cleaner and removes acid soluble residues such as lime and
• High degree of material protection and does not attack sensitive materials.

  Ingredients according to Regulation (EC) No 648/2004 on detergents: Organic acids

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